On Line Solutions

Since 1975, OLS has been the premier provider of operational, financial and communications systems to Wholesale Druggists and Pharmaceutical Distributors as well as distributors of Sundries, Candy & Tobacco, Generic Pharmaceuticals, and Medical/Surgical supplies. The systems run on the IBM AS400.

CommTrans System
CommTrans is a complete, self-contained, plug-in communication and translation utility for the IBM AS400. It receives batch transmissions from acoustic hand helds (Telxon, Symbol, MSI, CipherLab, etc.), PC's, POS, etc., and translates the data into a format that can be easily transferred to an AS400 application program. A Discriminator, either from Hard Engineering or Auditran, and one or two 202S Modems must be attached to a Communication Port on the IBM AS400. On Line Solutions can provide Discriminators and 202S Modems. Contact us for availability, delivery and pricing.